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About the PleinAir Brotherhood

Fate has decreed that at present there is a crop of ‘young’ plein air painters who have formed a bond of camaraderie and mutual support.

Membership of this ‘band of brothers’ is by mutual organic friendship, not committee or selection panel.

The group formed for its first exhibition in 2011 having become aware of each other through chance meetings while painting, and exhibitions such as the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and The Bath Prize plein air competition.

The Plein Air Brotherhood was not created in order to paint outside but has simply brought together a select group of artists for whom painting en plein air is a way of life.


About PleinAir


En plein air is the term used to describe painting outside. It is French and means 'in the open air'. Painting en plein air presents the artist with a unique set of challenges. Light changes constantly, altering the subject hour by hour, minute by minute. Clouds can plunge a scene into darkness. Sunlight throws a figure into sharp relief. Tides rise and fall. People come and go. The plein air painter must seize apon these moments - distilling from this evolving scene a permanent record of time and place.

The great artists of the past including Corot, Constable, Turner and Monet all knew the value of painting en plein air. For some, painting outside was simply a means to collect the information necessary to complete a painting in the studio. For others, paintings were worked through to completion entirely on location.